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Sri Lankans affected by terrorism


11/26/95 - Daily News: Inmates of the Vajira Sri Children's Home:
The Vajira Sri Rehabilitation Home is crowded with such young children who have been afflicted by evil acts of terrorism. Their parents had been either hacked to death or blown to pieces at the hands of merciless killers. It was the profound compassion of Ven. Hunupalagama Vajira that has given a ray of hope to these destitute children.
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12/20/95 - Daily News: Christmas Picnic at hotel pool side for Orphans
They may be no body's children but the 40 odd orphans of the Pamunugama Home for Orphaned and Underprivileged Children have rays of sunshine shining on them when kindhearted Sri Lankan's give them a meal or a treat to mark some event or day that they, the givers, hold dear. But, come Christmas time, there is a special day that the children always look forward to, when they get a chance to be away from their usual surroundings. A day, when the kind hearted gentle people who form the Sri Lanka United Kingdom Society team up with those at the Hotel Lanka Oberoi and Hemtours to give them a time out and a feed which they really cherish.
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02/25/96 - Sunday Observer: Monk who joined the Army and who laid down his life.
Ven. Kotmale Dhammarathana, a young monk, 20 left the robe with the dual purpose of serving the army - his childhood dream - and helping to build a house for his poor parents. The house has been built. But the soldier is no more to see the new house. He sacrificed his life in the North for the sake of the country. Ajith Bandara Dissanayake of Gurugama, Tambuttegama joined the National Guard Battalion three months ago after leaving robes, and changing the name given by the chief monk. He wore the robes for two and half years, and could not wear the military uniform which he loved so long.
Ajith as a monk Ajith, the soldier with his sister Nadika
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