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------- Massacres of civilians -------

Following is the tabled list:

Acts of Violence Committed by the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka (Daily News - Features - 02/29/96)
Srl.No.	 Date.		Place.		Incident.

 1.	30.11.84	Dollar Farm,	Armed terrorists shot dead 33 Sinhalese
			Vavuniya.	settlers and injured 
					several others.
2 30.11.84 Kent Farm, Armed terrorists shot dead 29 Sinhalese Vavuniya. settlers and injured several others.
3 01.12.84 Kokilai Armed terrorists shot dead 11 Sinhalese Vavuniya settlers.
4 14.05.85 Anuradhapura. Armed terrorists invaded the town and shot dead 120 Sinhalese and injuring 85 others. This includes pilgrims who were inside thesacred Sri Maha Bodhi premises.
5 14.05.85 Wilpattu. Armed terrorists shot dead 18 Sinhalese in the forest reserve.
6 30.05.85 Mihindupura, Five Sinhalese settlers shot dead by armed & Dehiwatta, terrorists. Muttur.
7 11.06.85 Dehiwatta, 13 Sinhalese settlers shot dead by armed Muttur. terrorists.
8 02.08.85 Thrikonamadu, Armed terrorists shot dead 3 Sinhalese Polonnaruwa. Buddhist priests and 3civilians at Ruhunu Somavathiya Temple.
9 14.08.85 Awarantalawa, Armed terrorists shot dead 7 Sinhalese and Vavuniya. set fire to 40 houses.
10 18.08.85 Namalwatta, Armed terrorists shot dead 6 Sinhalese Trincoamlee. villagers.
11 07.11.85 Namalwatta, Armed terrorists shot dead Morawewa, 10 Sinhalese villagers. Trincoamlee.
12 20.12.85 Mannar. 6 Madhu pilgrims who were abducted by terrorists on 12.12.85 have executed.
13 25.05.86 Mahadivulwewa, Armed terrorists shot dead Trincomalee. 20 Sinhalese and set fire to 20 houses.
14 04.06.86 Andankulam, Armed terrorists shot dead 17 Sinhalese Trincoamlee. villagers including Rev. Bakamune Subaddalankara Thera
15 11.06.86 Trincomalee. Two bombs exploded in two CTB buses in front of the Bank of Ceylon and the other in close proximity to the SP office, along Inner Harbour road, almost simultaneously which were on their way to Kantalai and Colombo respectively, 22 persons were killed due to the explosion. 75 others injured (LTTE).
16 25.06.86 Sittaru, Bomb explosion in a vehicle by terrorists, Kantale. killed 16 Sinhalese.
17 08.07.86 Monkey Bridge, Armed terrorists shot dead 15 Sinhala Trincoamlee. villagers.
18 13.07.86 Pavakkulam, Four armed terrorists had come in a jeep Vavuniya. to tract No. 16, Pavakkulam and killed 11 civilians, including two Sinhalese and 9 Tamils
19 17.07.86 Sugar Corp., Some armed terrorists had entered block No. 4, Sugar Corp. Kantali Kantalai and 10 persons were shot to death, (07 Sinhalese and two Muslims and 1 Tamil) (LTTE).
20 19.07.86 Vadigawewa, Armed terrorists shot dead Medirigiriya, 12 Sinhalese villagers. Polonnaruwa.
21 22.07.86 Mamaduwa, Terrorists exploded a land mine on a civilian bus, Vavuniya. killing 32 Sinhalese and injuring 20 others.
22 24.07.86 Issenbessagala, When CTB bus No. 28 Sri 6899 was proceeding Medawachchiya. from Vavuniya to A'pura with a load of passengers at Issenbessagala, a bomb was exploded inside the bus killing 13 passengers and injuring 40 others(LTTE).
23 07.02.87 Arantalawa, Armed terrorists killed 28 Sinhalese villagers Amparai. by slashing their necks.
24 07.03.87 Awarantalawa, Terrorists exploded a land mine when troops Vavuniya. were proceeding, killing 7 soldiers, 4 NAF soldiers and 6 civilians (LTTE).
25 22.03.87 Serunewa, Armed terrorists shot dead 26 Sinhalese villagers. Horowpathana.
26 17.04.87 TCO/Habarana Armed terrorists shot dead 127 Sinhalese Rd.Trincoamlee. including 31 police and Security Forces personnel who were travelling in buses to Trincomalee.
27 20.04.87 Jayanthipura, Armed terrorists shot dead 15 Sinhalese Trincoamlee. villagers.
28 21.04.87 Central Bus, Terrorists bomb explosion killed 110 Stand, Pettah. civilians,02 Policemen and an Army soldier 298 others were injured.
29 29.05.87 Kadawathamadu, Armed terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese Polonnaruwa. villagers.
30 02.06.87 Arantalawa, Armed terrorists shot dead 30 Buddhist Priests Amparai. and 04 Sinhalese civilians and injured 15 Buddhist Priests.
31 11.06.87 Veppankulam. Private Van No. 38 Sri 496 proceeding from Horowpathana to Trinco was blasted by a pressure mine killing one soldier and 13 civilians (LTTE).
32 12.06.87 Godapotta,About 175 villagers had collected to discuss Medirigiriya, about a new temple.Terrorists had Polonnaruwa. surrounded the temple and attacked them killing 08 villagers & a soldier, 06 were injured (LTTE).
33 06.10.87 Batticaloa. Armed terrorists shot dead 18 Sinhalese.
34 06.10.87 Sagarapura, Armed terrorists shot dead 27 Sinhalese Kuchchuveli, villagers. Trincomalee.
35 06.10.87 Thalawai, Armed terrorists shot dead 25 Sinhalese Eravur. settlers.
36 07.10.87 Pottuvil, Armed terrorists shot dead 25 Sinhalese Monaragala Rd, passengers, who were travelling in Amparai. CTB bus. They also killed 05 Motor Cyclist who came along the same route.
37 10.10.87 Gantalawa, Armed terrorists shot dead 10 Sinhalese Kantalai. villagers.
38 15.10.87 Ella Kantali Rd,Armed terrorists shot dead 14 Sinhalese Trincomalee. passengers travelling in two lorries.
39 16.10.87 Pulimoddai, Armed terrorists had stopped a private bus, Trincomalee. taken out Sinhala persons and killed 11 of them including 03 PCC. (LTTE).
40 09.11.87 Maradana, Terrorist bomb explosion in a vehicle, Colombo. 23 civilians killed, 106 injured, 15 vehicles damaged.
41 12.11.87 Cheddikulam, A van transporting passengers was blasted VNA. by land mine explosion, killing 12 Tamil persons and 13 PLOTE members.
42 15.12.87 Devalagodella, Terrorists had attacked Devalagodella and Somawathiya, Somawathiya village, killing 09 villagers. Polonnaruwa.
43 31.12.87 Mahadivulwewa, Armed terrorists shot dead 10 villagers and burnt Trincomalee. 15 houses.
44 02.03.88 Morawewa, Armed terrorists shot dead 14 Sinhalese Trincomalee. villagers.
45 05.03.88 Sittaru, Terrorists exploded a land mine on a civilian Kantala.i lorry, killing 08 Sinhalese and 16 Muslims.
46 11.03.88 Suhadagama, A group of armed terrorists had attacked Horowpothana. private Bus 22 Sri 2128 atSuhadagama with small arms and grenades, killing 19 passengers and injuring 09 others.
47 14.03.88 Kantalai, Armed terrorists shot dead 13 Sinhalese villagers Trincomalee. at Galmetiyawa.
48 15.03.88 Kivulakade, Two groups of terrorists entered the village Morawewa, TCO. and killed 07 Sinhalese villagers.
49 17.03.88 Deegavapiya, Terrorists hacked to death 13 Sinhalese Damana, AMP. villagers.
50 22.03.88 Pudukulam, VNA. 10-15 armed terrorists had attacked the Sinhalese village and killed 06 villagers. Another 03 were injured.
51 22.03.88 Medavachchi- Armed terrorists shot dead 09 Sinhalese kulam, VNA. villagers.
52 29.03.88 Wewalketiya, There was a bomb explosion inside a CTB bus A'pura. 29 Sri 9037 which was proceeding from Horopathana to Medavachchiya, killing 09 passengers and injuring 14 others.
53 31.03.88 Saindamaradu, Terrorists attacked the village, killing Kalmunai. 10 Muslims and 07 Tamils.
54 08.04.88 Horowpathana, Armed terrorists killed 14 Sinhalese. Meegaswewa, A'pura.
55 01.05.88 Sittaru, Terrorists exploded a land mine Kantalai, on a CTB bus and killed 12 TCO. Sinhalese, 09 Muslims and 05 others, who were not identified.
56 28.07.88 Ethawetunu- Armed terrorists hacked to death 16 wewa, Weli Oya. Sinhalese villagers.
57 25.08.88 Marawila, Terrorists had killed 11 civilians Polonnaruwa. by cutting their necks.
58 10.09.88 16th Colony, Armed terrorists shot dead Central Camp, 07 Sinhalese and 04 Tamils. AMP.
59 09.10.88 Mahakongas- Armed terrorists shot dead kada, 44 Sinhalese villagers and set fire to Medavachchiya. 11 houses.
60 14.11.88 Paniketiyawa, Armed terrorists shot dead 28 Sinhalese Gomaran- including two Security Forces personnel . kadawela,TCO.
61 02.02.89 Bogamuyaya, Armed terrorists hacked to death Maha Oya, AMP. 11 Sinhalese villagers.
62 11.02.89 Dutuwewa, Armed terrorists shot dead Horowpathana. 34 Sinhalese villagers. 63 22.02.89 Tract No 13, Terrorists had attacked Tract No. 13 Sinhapura, and 06 Sinhalese were killed Weli Oya, and another 07 were injured.
64 27.02.89 Borawewa, Armed terrorists shot dead Polonnaruwa. 37 Sinhalese villagers.
65 17.08.89 Nochchikulam, Eight civlians were killed and VNA. 04 others were injured due to an IED explosion.
66 23.07.90 Veeracholai, Terrorists had killed 08 persons BCO. and hang them on trees. Suspected that the bodies were of Muslims.
67 24.07.90 Damminna, Armed terrorists hacked to death Aralaganwila, 08 Sinhalese villagers. Polonnaruwa.
68 25.07.90 Wan Ela, TCO. Terrorists hacked to death 09 Sinhalese villagers who were cutting firewood.
69 26.07.90 Thammanna,Armed terrorists hacked and shot to death elawaka, 19 Sinhalese and set fire to 30 houses. Medavachchiya.
70 30.07.90 Akkaraipattu, Terrorists shot dead 14 Muslims in the town . BCO.
71 31.07.90 Podankadu, 10 Tamil civilians were killed Peraru,Kantalai by unidentified gunmen. TCO.
72 03.8.90 Jumma & Terrorists opened fire at Muslims who were in Hussinia praying in two Mosques, Mosques, killing 103 and 70 wounded. Kathankudy, BCO.
73 05.08.90 Muliyankadu, Terrorists killed 17 Muslim farmers AMP. working in a paddy field .
74 06.08.90 Ampara. Terrorists killed 33 Muslim farmers working in the paddy field.
75 07.08.90 Bandaraduwa, About 40 armed terrorists had gone Uhana, AMP. to a Sinhalese village and killed 30 Sinhalese and injured four.
76 08.08.90 Meegaswewa Private coach 60-228 proceeding A'pura. from Morawewa to Horowpothana with a load of passengers were attacked by terrorists, killing 26 Sinhalese including a soldier and 07 others were injured.
77 11.08.90 Div.3 & 6, Terrorists attacked Div. 3 & 6, Eravur, Eravur. killing 116 Muslims and injuring 20 others.
78 13.08.90 15th Mile Post, 25 Civilians who were travelling in a lorry Pulmodda, from Negombo to Kokuvil were ambushed Weli Oya. by terrorists, killing 14 of them.
79 13.08.90 Awarantalawa, A Muslim village adjoining a Sinhalese VNA. village wasattacked by terrorists, killing 09 Muslims and 01 Sinhalese, 03 others were injured.
80 19.09.90 Vellamundal, Terrorists killed 23 Sinhalese and set fire to Puttalam. 11 houses at the fishing village.
81 19.09.90 Kotmale Colony, When some persons were travelling Uhana, AMP. in a tractor, terrorists attacked them killing 05 and injuring 02 others.
82 21.09.90 Pudukudiyirippu,Terrorists attacked the village, AMP. killing 15 and injuring 11.
83 24.09.90 Gajabapura, Armed terrorists set fire to five houses Weli Oya. and killed 04 Sinhalese.
84 30.9.90 Peraweltalawa, Terrorists hacked to death Maha Oya, AMP. 09 Sinhalese villagers.
85 02.10.90 Vahalkada,Armed terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese Padaviya. villages and set fire to 39 houses.
86 11.10.90 Arugambay, Two terrorists shot dead 09 Muslims who AMP. were collecting firewood.,
87 23.10.90 Thanthirimalai, Armed terrorists killed 08 Sinhalese villagers A'pura. and 02 Home Guards.
88 27.10.90 Thanthirimala,i Armed terrorist shot dead 05 Sinhalese. A'pura.
89 01.11.90 Halambawewa, Terrorists attacked the village and killed Sinhapura, 10 Sinhalese., Weli Oya.
90 23.01.91 Bogamuyaya, Armed terrorists hacked to death Maha Oya,AMP. 25 Sinhalese villagers and injuring others. Subsequently, 04 injured persons had succumbed to their injuries. 91 03.04.91 Keviliya, Terrorists on two boats surrendered Foul Point, 06 vallams and opened fire at the fishermen. TCO. Some fishermen jumped into the sea and swam. Four vallams were set on fire.Ten dead bodies and 11 injured were found. 16 are still missing.The missing perosns are either taken away by the terrorists or droywned after being shot.
92 14.04.91 Ethimalai, About 15-20 terrorists hacked to death 17 Monaragala. Sihalese villagers and injured another. Also set fire to 06 houses.
93 24.03.91 Fish Market, Bomb explosion at Fish Marekt, Akkaraipattu, Akkaraipattu. killing 09 Muslims and injuring 32 others.
94 20.04.91 Niyadela. Terrorists attacked village and hacked and shot to death 21 men women and children. Two others were injured, 03 houses, a car and a MC were set on fire. When the terrorists were fleeing they killed another villager in the adjacent village.
95 20.05.91 Malwatta, Terrorists fired at a group of Muslims who Sammanthurai, were returning from the paddy-field AMP. in a tractor, 09 Muslims killed and 02 injured.
96 12.06.91 Koddadicholai, Bomb explosion in Manmunai ferry in BCO. Kokkadicholai,killing 04 Army Personnel and 10 civilians.
97 27.06.91 Lahugala, AMP. When a private bus 60-9765 was proceeding towards Monaragala to Pottuvil with a load of passengers, terrorists exploded two claymore mines and opened fire at the passengers. 16 civilians killed and 08 civilians wounded.
98 06.07.91 Pudur, PLN. About 20-30 terrorists carrying arms had entered the Pudur Muslim village forced opened the Co-operative Stores and robbed canned fish,batteries, flour, dhal, and sugar. Then they cut and killed 09 Muslims and moved towards Mahaweli river bank and cut to death another 08 persons, injuring 04 others. One of the injured succumbed to his injuries. Total killed - 16 Muslims 02 Sinhalese.
99 06.07.91 Karapola, Nine Sinhala fishermen fishing PLN. at Karapola lake and the owner of the Manampitiyavadiya who came there in his Delica van No.84-7071 were abducted by terrorists and 09 of them were killed. One fisherman escaped and informed Manampitiya detachment.
100 19.09.91 Palliyagodella, Terrorists had launched and attack on a PLN. Muslim village, killing 13 Muslims and injuring 06 others.
101 26.01.92 Between, Private Bus plying between Maha Oya and Arantalawa Ampara got caughtto a land mine. and Boroppola, Due to explosion, 09 civilians and AMP. 01 Airman were killed 17 civilians and 09 Airmen were wounded.
102 10.24.92 AMP Town. A bomb exploded in a private bus 30-7088 causing the death of 25 civilians and injuring 33 civilians. Also one PC killed and 2 Army personnel wounded.
103 10.04.92 Maharagama. A car bomb exploded, causing the death of 08 civilians. 01 PC and 23 civilians injured.
104 29.04.92 Alinchipotana, Terrorists attacked the Alinchipotana PLN. village, causing the death of 56 Muslims and injuring 15.
105 02.06.922 09th Mile Post, A group of terrorists stopped a private AMP. bus, No.60 - 9799 proceeding from A pattu to Pottuvil and opened fire, killing 14 civilians 01 PC and injuring 02 civilians, 01 PC.
106 06.07.92 Parayanakulam, Terrorists publicly shot dead 10 Tamil VNA. lorry drivers and a woman alleging that they have passed information to SF.
107 15.07.92 Kirankulam, Terrorists attacked a civilian bus B'co. proceeding from Kathankudy towards Kalmunai, killing 19 Muslims and injuring 07 Muslims.
108 21.07.92 Parangiyamadu. Terrorists have shot the Colombo/BCO train ordered the BCOpassengers to get down and opened fire at the Muslimpassengers. 07 Muslims killed and...Muslims injured. They also exploded the engine of the train.
109 30.08.02 TCO Town.A bomb planted in, privte bus at the bus stand exploded, killing 09 civilians andi injuring 34 (including 04 Soldiers and 02 RPCC).
110 01.09.92 Saindamaradu. A bomb fixed to a push cycle carrying an ICe Cream container, Kalmunai, exploded the Market, killing 22 Muslims and injuring 67 others.
111 01.10.92 Konwewa. Whilst terrorists attacking the Konwewa detachment, Welioya fired and thrown grenades into the bunkers of villagers, killing 15 civilians and injuring 09 others.
112 15.10.92 Palliyagodella, About 200-300 armed terrorists attacked the Ahamedpura, Muslim villages and had shot and Abapura, hacked to death a total of 172 civilians. Pamburana, (171 of them were Muslims) 12 Policemen Polonaruwa. and 08 Soldiers. And a total of 83 others were injured.
113 16.03.94 Kudiramalai, Approximately 10 boats that had gone for Puttalam. fishing close to Kudiramalai Point were attacked by terrorists, killing 17 Sinhalese fishermen and injuring 03.
114 25.05.95 Kallarawa, Terrorists have attacked the fishing village TCO. and hacked and shot to death 42 civilians (22 males, 12 females and 08 civilians).
115 07.08.95 Torrington Sq. A bomb hidden in a hand cart, loaded with Colombo. King Coconuts, was exploded by a suicide killer, in front of Western Province Chief Minister's Office, resulting the death of 21 civilians (18 males and 03 females) and injured 44 civilains.
116 21.10.95 Mangalagama, A group of armed terrorists have entered AMP. into the village and attacked the villagers, killing 16 civilians (03 males. 07 females and 06 children) and injuring 05 females.
117 21.10.95 Monaratenna, Terrorists have attacked at the troops in the area. Bowatta, Simultaneously, another two groups of Polonnaruwa. armed terrorists have attacked the villages, killing 36 civilians (09 males 16 females and 11 children) and injuring 12 civilians (01 male, females and 04 children).
118 21.10.95 N/of Padaviya, A group of armed terrorists have entered Welioya. into the area and attacked Galtalawa villages, killing19 civilians (10 males and 09 females).
119 23.10.95 Athimale, Terrorists have attacked the villages and Kotiyagala,killed19 civialins(07 males, 08 females Moneragala. and 04 children).
120 25.10.95 Panama, AMP. Terrorists had attacked and shot to death 12 Sinhalese farmers, who have gone into the jungle to collect firewood. Two dead bodies were found on the same day and the rest of the dead bodies left near the STF Camp, Panama.
121 26.10.95 Tammennawa, Terrorists have attacked the villages Heraththam, and killed 26 civilians millawa, (16 males and 10 females) Talgahawewa. and injured 27 civilians.
122 02.11.95 Malakalugolla, Terrorists entered into the village and Kegaluyaya, hacked to death 05 children Siyambalanduwa, at the age of 1 1/2yrs. 2 1/2 yrs.03 yrs. Moneragala. 13 yrs. and 15 yrs. They also set fire to two huts, where the children were living.
123 11.11.95 Slave Island, A suicidal bomber exploded a bomb near the Colombo. Railway track, causing the death of 15 children, 01 Policeman and 01 Army Soldier.
124 31.01.96 Colombo- A lorry laden with explosives, exploded by Fort, a LTTE suicide killer Central Bank. at the Central Bank whilst two other LTTE cadres fired at the people. A total of 86 people were killed and 1,338 injured. All buildings on either side of the Janadhipathi Mawatha including Central Bank, Ceylinco, American Express, ABN Bank, Air Lanka, etc, were damaged.

Acts of Violence Committed by the LTTE terrorists in Colombo and suburbs since 1984

 Date				Incident		       No.Dead No.Injured 
21.01.84	Bomb blast Oberoi Hotel, Colpetty	           01
03.05.86	Bomb blast at Bandaranaike, International          16	   1 
		  Airport (Tri-Star)   
07.05.86	Bomb blast at CTO, Fort                            14     39 
30.05.86	Bomb blast at Elephant House Slave Island          08     22 
31.05.86	Bomb blast near Railway Station, Veyangoda         13     55 
21.04.87	Bomb Blast at Pettah Bus Stand (Near bo-tree)     111    752 
09.11.87	Bomb blast in front of Maradana Police Station     28     02 
02.03.91	Bomb blast at Havelock Town-Assassination 	   19     73 
		  of Mr. R. Wijeratne   
22.06.91	Bomb blast at JOC Colombo 07                       21    114 
10.11.92	Bomb blast in front of Taj Samudra Hotel           04 
		  (Assassination of late Mr. C. Fernando   
		    Navy Commander)   
01.05.93	Bomb blast at Armour Street			   21 
		  (Assassination of Mr. R. Premadasa)     
24.11.94	Bomb blast at Grandpass
		 (Assassination of
		  Mr. Gamini Dissanayake)		           55     72 
07.08.95	Bomb blast at Chief Minister's office	           22     49 
		  at Torrington Square     
10.10.95	Bomb blast at Wellawatte			   04     01 
		  Mr. D. Devananda's residence     
20.10.95	Bomb blast at Kolonnawa Refinery		   14     20 
11.11.95	Bomb blast at Fort Army Headquarters,		   19     35 
   		 Slave Island Railway Station     
31.01.96	Bomb blast at Central Bank. Fort		   82    784 
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