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This page is to help eradicate the terrorism in Sri Lanka and to support the democratic peace process.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a rebel group who are fighting for over 15 years for a separate homeland, have chosen brutal terror tactics such as suicide bombing and massacres of civilians in their war against the democratic government and people of Sri Lanka.

Tigers fund their terror campaign by fund-raising in western countries, in addition to drug trafficking, money laundering, illicit arms trade, illegal immigrant smuggling, extortion of Tamil expatriates and promotion of international terrorism according to a recent report presented to the Canadian government by The Mackenzie Institute in Canada, an independent non-profit research organization.

Our mission is to provide humanitarian and monetary aid to the war victims of Sri Lanka to improve their lives and to expose the Tiger atrocities to the world. Please join us in our efforts to urge the international community to condemn the Tigers and to take measures to curb their fund raising activities in western countries in order to bring peace and harmony to people in Sri Lanka.

Come dear friends, let's seek the World
From North to East and South to West
Come down friends, let's find a place
A place to sing a song of PEACE

Oh! search the World - for the PEACE we knew
So long ago - Oh! please help
To bring it back - the PEACE we knew
So long ago... ...

Miss Lakna U. Jayatunga Arachchi, Age: 15yrs. ( Year 10, Vishaka Vidyalaya, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka. )